Reviews for The Heaven Corporation

This novel is by far one of the better books in the fantasy genre. I quite liked the characters and the way the story is developed, it grabs hold of the reader and never let’s go. I couldn’t wait to read what was going to happen next. In short I would highly recommend this work of literature.

Stuart Van Dyke Amazon Reviewer

Frias turns heaven and hell upside-down in this thrilling modern fantasy. It starts off innocuous enough but quickly becomes impossible to put down. I look forward to book 2!

Maggie Moor Amazon Reviewer

The Heaven Corporation is a refreshing take on the concepts of Earth, Heaven and Hell. I found it very hard to put this book down, the pace of Jacqueline’s tale as she tries to do what is right above what is ordered is wonderful. Constantly moving the story forward, every word counts.

Marilyn Desani Goodreads Reviewer

This is a fast paced world with incredibly unique world building. I was grasped really quickly by the writing. I could not put the book down.

Lindsey Lynn Goodreads Reviewer

Frias can write creepy characters. Lucy. My goodness! The characters’ personalities were quite diverse and I found something I could relate to in many of them.

Amy Smart Author of The Necklace

The characters were varied, the protagonist was likable, and there was ample character development. I enjoyed the smooth writing style; it was easy to read, and yet was not featureless.

Elijah Kazlauskas Author of Elwood