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The Heaven Corporation

Release Date: January 31st, 2017
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Nineteen-year-old Jacqueline Ito had big plans. She was going to graduate from college and get her dream job, but her ambitions came to an abrupt halt when she was killed by a drunk driver. Now, Jacqueline has a new job. The pay is terrible and she doesn’t get benefits or vacation time, but it’s an important job. Jacqueline is one of Heaven’s newly recruited reapers. For the most part, she’s content with her work. She would have spent the rest of eternity cooperating with the system if it hadn’t been for the death of seven-year-old James Abbot.

Something went wrong with James’ death. Where did his soul go? As his reaper, Jacqueline feels like it’s her responsibility to make sure his soul is safely delivered to Heaven, but the more questions she asks, the less her superiors want to reveal. Heaven is keeping secrets and Jacqueline’s quest for answers is leading her down a dangerous path.

What happens when the faithful are given a reason to revolt?

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Release Date: COMING IN 2018

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After a war that has left reapers Jacqueline Ito and Raffi Patel with scars no healer can mend, Heaven is understaffed and overworked yet again in the aftermath of the recent devastation. Wanderers are piling up faster than the reapers can retrieve them. To make matters worse, the Wanderers are becoming a very real threat, making the business of collecting souls more perilous than ever before.

When Raffi is injured on the job, Jacqueline is assigned a new partner; Niigaanii Laronde. The situation was intended to be temporary but it soon starts looking like Jacqueline and Niigaanii will be working together longer than anticipated as Raffi’s condition worsens. In a desperate attempt to find out what’s happening to her friend, Jacqueline enlists Niigaanii’s help. The two soon discover a terrible truth that is much bigger than just Raffi; the fate of Heaven and Earth is being threatened once again.

In a race against time, can Jacqueline and Niigaanii save both Raffi and Heaven?