My 2018 Achievement List

Those who’ve been following me in various places online for a couple years now (and if you’re one of them, wow, thank you, my friend) might know that I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. At least, I don’t call them resolutions. I call them achievements. Why? Well, resolutions don’t tend to stick because they aren’t tangible. A resolution doesn’t feel solid but, being a gamer, I love me some achievements. Achievements are real goals to work towards. Achievements are solid and when there is an achievement in a game I want, I am determined to get it no matter what it takes.

So I apply that mentality to real life by calling my New Year’s resolutions achievements, instead.

This year’s list is a little different than previous years. It’s less about “be more successful” and more about “be more loving;” to both myself and others.


1. Be kinder to myself.

Treat myself the way I would treat my best friend. If I wouldn’t say such hurtful things to the people I love when they mess up, then I don’t want to be saying those things to myself, either.

2. Stop being embarrassed about my enthusiasm for the things that I love.

This applies to so many things in my life from video games to popular book series everyone likes to hate, but especially Taylor Swift. I’m allowed to be passionate about things that are important to me and her music is very important to me. It’s gotten me through so many dark times and been there to celebrate with me during my good times. The people who make me feel ashamed of the things I love are the ones who are foolish, not me. I. Am. Allowed. To. Love. What. I. Want.

3. Prioritize leisure and personal enjoyment.

If I want to play video games or spend hours colouring or treat myself to a home spa day or just watch Netflix wrapped up in a blanket, do it. It’s not unnecessary and I do deserve it. Everyone deserves to have fun for the sake of fun and nothing else. It doesn’t need a practical purpose.

4. Meditate or do yoga for at least ten minutes a day.

Stop telling myself I don’t have time. I always have ten minutes to spare.

5. Do no harm, but take no shit.

Self-explanatory. Some of my edgier witch friends like to say this. I like it.

6. Publish my second novel.

Have faith that it will be successful, but if it isn’t, refer back to #1. Then write another book.

7. Be more compassionate towards people I don’t know.

Or make some kind of a decent effort to be less of a misanthrope, at least.

Of course, there are other things I want to do this year, too, like read more books and be more present online because my bookstagram and blogging have been slacking the last couple months, but these seven things are the big ones, I think.

What are your goals for 2018? I’d love to hear them. Share your hopes for this brand new year in the comments.

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