Look Out for Book Fairies!

You might have seen something called Hide a Book Day on my Special Events page. If not, I’m telling you about it now. Goodreads and The Book Fairies have teamed up to host this fun event that everyone can participate in all around the world. The idea is to hide a book somewhere out in the world for someone else to find. That person takes the book home to read it, then leaves it somewhere else to pass it along to another reader.

Super cool idea, right?

I’ll be turning into a book fairy on September 18th and hiding five copies of The Heaven Corporation around my hometown of Tottenham, ON. Each book is signed and comes with a bookmark tucked inside. These books could be just about anywhere so keep your eyes open if you’re in the area on Monday!

If you’d like to participate in Hide a Book Day, you can read all about it and download a special note to attach to your book here on the Goodreads blog. Make sure to give The Book Fairies a like on Facebook, too. They hide books all over the world every day of the year!

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