66 Days to Create a Writing Habit: Week One

Actually, it’s been a little over a week but details, who needs ’em?

I am here with an update on my progress with this little experiment I have going. If you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, you should check out this post here, 66 Days to Create A Writing Habit, where I introduce this whole concept of writing for 66 days and encourage you to join in on the fun!

The good news is I’ve written at least 100 words every single day since I started this experiment. The even better news? I jotted down my word counts every day along with some short notes about how I was feeling about my progress that day and I’m sharing them with you today!

… Hm? What’s that? Oh, what’s the bad news? Foolish mortal! There is none!

Day 1 – 566 words

Pretty good, considering I only set out to write 100 words, but I got into the scene and wanted to keep going. We’ll see if this motivation lasts. 1 day down, 65 days to go.

Day 2 – 711 words

Not as easy as yesterday, but I did manage to finish off a scene that I hated more and more as I wrote it, so I’m happy to be done with it and starting on a fresh scene tomorrow.

Day 3 – 107 words

Not a whole lot today, but I met the minimum target. Was in a rush to get to a social event and setting up my new fitness blog ate into my time.

Day 4 – 110 words

High anxiety day so not much, but I still took some time to open Scrivener and meet my minimum target. Tomorrow’s another day.

Day 5 – 180 words (approx.)

Suddenly came down with some kind of awful cold or flu with very little warning. Hardly have the strength to pull my laptop up onto my bed so I wrote in my notebook, instead.

Day 6 – 1,188 words

Still sick. Wrote on my tablet, instead. I was sure I’d just barely squeeze out the minimum again. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with tonight’s writing session. Blew my expectations out of the water.

Day 7 – 704 words

Still sick, but another good writing day. Can’t complain.

Day 8 – 1,757 words

Almost over this cold (but not quite). Another awesome writing day. Wrote a whole scene from start to finish and figured out a lot of valuable information I can use later. So glad I decided to throw planning out the window and just listen to my characters.

Day 9 – 2,175 words

I am on a roll! I hope this lasts a while before my next slump.

Day 10 – 210 words

Kind of a rough day. I’ll try again tomorrow when I’m in a healthier mindset.

Day 11 – 320 words

Another really rough day. Almost didn’t write anything at all. “Almost,” being the most important word in that sentence.

Grand Total – 8,028 words

In summary? Some ups and downs, but the important thing is that I sat down to write a little every day and now I’m 8,028 words closer to finishing the sequel to The Heaven Corporation (which you can totally find out more about right here on the website and purchase on Amazon, but I’m not plugging my own products or anything… only a little).

Remember to use the hashtag #66dayswrite on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you’re writing along with me and want to talk about it on social media! Oh and please leave a comment, letting me know how it’s going. I am a vain and fickle creature; I thrive off positive feedback.

Interested in this new fitness blog I mentioned? It’s right here! Stop by and say hello!

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