Seven Days of “Who Said That?” (and a Book Giveaway)

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram this week, you may have noticed me talking about an event coming up called Who Said That? If you haven’t been following me, I’m here to let you know about it on the blog this week. Also, if you’re not following me on social media, I would love it if you did. Connecting with other writers and readers is one of my favourite aspects of my job.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be hosting a week-long event on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where I will post a quote from The Heaven Corporation every day. It will be up to you to guess which character said that. You get one guess per post on each social media platform and each guess is an entry to win a signed copy of The Heaven Corporation, plus a nifty bookmark. If you’re wondering how you could possibly participate if you haven’t read The Heaven Corporation, no need to fret! It is multiple choice and all guesses count as a giveaway entry, even if they are wrong. All that matters is participation. Getting all the answers right is just for fun.

Who Said That? posts will be going up at 5:00PM EST every day throughout the week but you do not need to be online at any particular time. Stop by my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make your guesses whenever you find yourself with a spare moment during the week. Participating every day on all three social media platforms will maximize your chances and give you a total of twenty-one entries, but if you can’t participate every day, please do still participate whenever you can. You could still win one of the three signed copies I have up for grabs.

So if you like games and winning free books, stop by the event page on Facebook to let me know you’ll be participating. Just click the Facebook icon at the top of this page to go right to my author page and see all the event details. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope to see you there!

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