Diary of a Nerd Girl

Normally, I like to try and write blog posts that focus on you, the reader. Articles to help you with your writing, tips to get through your to-read pile, advice on the writing process and how to stay positive when others are putting you down for not acting “writerly” enough. I want this blog to be a place you can go to for a quick pick-me-up on a crummy day.

But sometimes, I don’t always have a topic in mind. This week happens to be one of those times, so I thought I’d do something different and write a diary entry of sorts. I loathe writing about myself because I feel pretentious, but I know I enjoy reading about the personal lives of the authors I like, so maybe that self-doubting paranoia about looking self-absorbed is just in my head.

I suppose the most exciting thing that’s happened to me recently is a strange blend of video games and writing. I was asked to write for one of the largest fansites for The Sims franchise, called Sims Community. The position doesn’t pay but it does come with some great perks like free game codes. It also gives me an excuse to play The Sims even more than I already do (as if I needed one). Sims Community gets about two million hits a month and I have links to my website and other social media profiles in my author bio there so I’m hoping this new job will open up some doors of opportunity for me when it comes to promoting myself as an author. In any case, I’m now writing regularly about something that I’m passionate about so it’s still a win for me no matter what, as far as I’m concerned.

As for my next novel, Wanderer, it’s still being worked on, although it has taken a temporary back seat while I search for the right direction to take the plot in. I really can’t give any dates, even approximate ones. It’s very difficult to estimate a release date before the first draft is finished but I’m excited about the concept and the darker direction this sequel to The Heaven Corporation is going to go in. I’ll be sure to share more news with you as soon as there is more news to share. I can’t wait to share more about Wanderer with you. I always have a hard time keeping quiet about my current projects, so all this secrecy is slowly killing me.

Unfortunately, Wanderer is not the only thing that I can’t give much concrete information on. I’ve been vaguely mentioning some author appearances I was working on securing this summer. The reason I was vague about it is because I didn’t have anything set in stone. I was still trying to work out dates and pricing and all the mundane planning aspects that need to be taken care of before the fun of the event happens. I’ve been having some trouble finding a set of dates for this upcoming local event in which I’d be able to attend. I don’t drive and I live rural, so I depend on rides from friends and family to get around. I don’t usually mind. I’m a homebody. I prefer being left alone in my room with my laptop and cats most days, but it does mean that my ability to leave the house depends entirely on the schedules of the people who can give me a lift. I’m still trying to secure a spot at this local event but it’s all still very up in the air.

I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t work out. I was looking forward to it a great deal, but one of my friends added me to a Facebook group for local artisans where lots of similar events are advertised so I’m sure there will be more chances for me to make some appearances in the future. I have a bad habit of thinking that if one opportunity falls through, that’s it. It’s over. That was my one shot and I blew it. There are no more opportunities to be had. I wasted my chance. That’s of course, silly. Life is full of constant opportunities and no one grabs all of them. I’m learning to accept this and keep looking forward when things don’t work out. Securing these events is one of those situations I’m viewing as a learning exercise in this area.

In other news, I’ve fallen off the wagon this week with bookstagram but Sundays are bookstagram days for me so I’m hoping to have a week’s worth of bookish pictures to post on Instagram throughout the week. If you like browsing pretty pictures of books, I recommend following me. I try to keep up with daily posts and succeed at least most of the time.

And on the off chance you’re also obsessed with The Sims franchise and are interested in reading some of my articles for Sims Community, you can find me here. I try to keep “Author Ashleigh” and “Gamer Ashleigh” separate most of the time, but I’m also trying not to be so shy about letting my other hobbies and interests show through. I felt like I was hiding part of myself from my readers and it was actually quite stressful and felt all wrong to me. I’m working on being more open with readers.

If I’m being perfectly honest, this “politely detached” persona I’ve been trying to keep up is really not my thing. Perhaps I’ll talk more about that on the blog next week but that’s delving into a bit of a different topic entirely.

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