The Heaven Corporation Goes Digital

First off, Happy International Women’s Day!

Secondly, why not celebrate the power and tenacity of women through a digital release of The Heaven Corporation? It turns out that a lot of people wanted to see The Heaven Corporation make a digital debut, so naturally, I sought to make that happen. Announcing a digital release of The Heaven Corporation on International Women’s Day seemed fitting.

The Heaven Corporation is full of powerful women. There are women in positions of authority and women with skill sets that allow them to overcome obstacles imposed on them because of their social status. There are white women and women of colour. There are kind, gentle, nurturing women. There are harsh, unforgiving, commanding women. There are quiet women who roar when the occasion calls for it. There are good women, evil women and women somewhere in between. The women of The Heaven Corporation may be angels, but they embody the full spectrum of what it means to be not just feminine, but human. With such diverse characters, it only made sense to make the book available on more platforms so their stories could reach a wider group of people.

You should see The Heaven Corporation for sale in the Kindle Store within the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for it. If you don’t own a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app. It allows you to purchase, read, organise and review Kindle books on your mobile device the same way you would on a Kindle (I use the app on my tablet, in fact).

Not a lover of ebooks? Not to worry, you can purchase a paperback of The Heaven Corporation right now from My Books page.

Copyright © 2017 A.A. Frias

Featured Image: Copyright © 2017 A.A. Frias. All Rights Reserved.


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